Shine on you crazy diamond.

A short documentary about The Neo-Futurists and their long running late night show Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind. Contains clips from the show and interviews with, Jay Torrence, Heather Riordan, Caitlin Stainken, Greg Allen and others. The Neo-Futurist are a Chicago based theater company who produce the longest running show in Chicago, T.M.L.M.T.B.G.B. (30 plays in 60 minutes) , as well as a full season of original primetime shows.

Quiet on the set.

One should never talk during a coffee shop session of a vocal jazz band in a church. You will have people come up and tell you to be quiet. You will have others tell you that you should just leave if you are going to continue to talk.

Church people can be a little uptight while trying to listen to vocal jazz.

Your highness!

Royal jelly noun

Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used in the nutrition of the larvae. It is secreted from the hypopharyngeal glands in the heads of young workers and used (among other substances) to feed all of the larvae in the colony, including those destined to become workers. If a queen is needed, a larva is chosen and will receive only royal jelly — and in large quantities — as its food source for the first four days of its growth, and this rapid, early feeding triggers the development of queen morphology, including the fully developed ovaries needed to lay eggs.

Tweet it up!

A law that mandates twittering for public officials.

All meetings, phone calls, thoughts, lunches, dinners, stall chats, and other interactions should be documented–in real-time. These politicians have staffers follow them everywhere, so let’s put those Blackberries, iPhones, and Android-based devices to good use.

Let us push to have mandatory twittering for public officials!