Roll Up the Strip Mall

I had a dream where I found a katamari ball inside a shirt pocket before doing a load of laundry. It was easily distinguishable from a bouncy ball because it had those nodules covering the surface of the ball.

I quickly ran outside and started rolling up the bits of trash and debris around my house. Only a few items stuck and I couldn’t quite figure out the pattern. After rolling it down the street for a few minutes, it hit me: this katamari ball only rolled up items with a corporate logo on them.

I knocked over a neighbors garbage can and spun the ball through. The glossy ads from the newspaper stuck, along with some McDonalds containers. I went down the street, repeating this process with every garbage can in a 3 block radius. Eventually I had a ball that was about 6 feet in diameter. I knew I could take on the bigger pieces of corporate identity, so I headed towards the mall.

I had a ball that reached out into space by the time I was done picking up every bit of corporate sponsorship on the planet. It was a sight to behold.

Then I woke up.