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Pretty in Pink

Once, there was a red-haired man who had neither eyes nor ears. He had no hair either so he was called “red-haired” only theoretically.

He could not speak since he had no mouth. He didn’t have a nose either.

He had neither legs nor arms. He had no stomach, no back, no spine, and he had no insides whatsoever. He had nothing at all! Therefore, it’s not clear who we are actually talking about.

In fact, we would rather not talk about him any more. — Blue Notebook No. 10, Daniil Kharms

Rock Star Status

Yes you can own a bit of history with our special edition, Chia Obama. In honoring our 44th president, you will want to have this collectible Chia head and want to send them to many of your friends. […] In this special offer, you can order the Determined posed Chia Obama, happy posed Chia Obama, or both. Just click on the buy it now button and you can order one right away. Can you grow one? Yes you can! —