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The Proposed Language at the Next Board Meeting

A large, rectangular table covered in papers, coffee cups (steel, paper, polystyrene), and electronics. A baker’s dozen of people sits around the perimeter in fancy, faux leather chairs. Some feet rest on the ground, bouncing the remainder of the body on their toes. The sunlight is shining through the windows that surround the conference room. The smell of stale bagels and sugar cakes wafts through the air in parallel with the HVAC system.

(A’s Council is whispering into A’s ear.)

A: This meeting is adjourned.

(A picks up their bag and starts packing.)

B: There has to be a vote for that.

C: Council? (starts to scramble on laptop) Council?

A: This meeting is adjourned.

D: There needs to be a second.

(A starts to get flustered. Starts rubbing their bag with the palms of each hand.)

A: This meeting is adjourned.

B: This meeting will continue.

C: I concur.

A: This meeting is adjourned.

(A gets up and walks off the stage, stomping their feet loudly.)

D: All in favor of continuing despite the lack of president?

Everyone: Aye.

D: All opposed same sign?


B: We continue.

C: There is a clarifying question on the table.

E: The question was, “Why?”

C: Why, what?

D: Why do we think, I believe.

B: Yes. // That was it.

C: I know that we think to improve the station–

(A stomps back into the room and hustles towards their seat.)

C: –we should continue–

(A stomps their feet.)

A: This meeting is adjourned!

B: We voted to continue.

C: It passed unanimously.

A: I’m the executive of this board. You cannot have a vote without me.

C: Current rules allow.

D: It was approved by the board.

(A picks up a copy of the board’s policy from the shelf and starts to tear it to shreds.)

There’s a Pothole on the North West South Side of the Culdesac to my House

An autumn Sunday afternoon. Leaves blow around the yards of the neighborhood, each colorful parchment provided by every property’s trees. The family on the corner lot of a cul de sac is working in their yard. The child comes back from behind the house. Wheelbarrow in hand.

PARENT: Nice. // Nice. Fine. // Did you get all of it in the compost?


The CHILD slams the barrow down, knocking it over. The PARENT starts to work on their gloves.

PARENT: Are we through working for today?

CHILD: How much longer?

PARENT: Look around. (pointing with gloves) // You tell me.

The CHILD looks around the yard. Stopping at moments to calculate the anticipated time and energy that would go into each project discovered around the property.

Waiting with Fleas

The sun is shining outside. It beams through the lone window in the apartment. Diffused by the drapes, shadows move and dance along the tattered wallpaper on the opposite wall. The tinny sounds of pop music waft through the room. [Move this sound via various panning methods.]

A: I only hope that when I am about to die. // I will still use the toilet.

B: Delightful.

Both take sips of coffee. Clanks of saucers and cups.

A: And courteous. // Powerful. And persistent.

B: Until the very end.

A: Until death.

The two look at each other, take a sip of their coffee, and smile. Waiting.