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There’s a Pothole on the North West South Side of the Culdesac to my House

An autumn Sunday afternoon. Leaves blow around the yards of the neighborhood, each colorful parchment provided by every property’s trees. The family on the corner lot of a cul de sac is working in their yard. The child comes back from behind the house. Wheelbarrow in hand.

PARENT: Nice. // Nice. Fine. // Did you get all of it in the compost?


The CHILD slams the barrow down, knocking it over. The PARENT starts to work on their gloves.

PARENT: Are we through working for today?

CHILD: How much longer?

PARENT: Look around. (pointing with gloves) // You tell me.

The CHILD looks around the yard. Stopping at moments to calculate the anticipated time and energy that would go into each project discovered around the property.